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August 2021

Today is the final day of August, what a month! We did our first event August 6th at Chaparral Elementary School.

The next day on August 7th, we were invited to do the Open House event for the National Dance Institute (NDI) of New Mexico at the Hiland Theater in Nob Hill Albuquerque.

We then did a last minute come now event on August 14th for CNM cosmetology graduation.

Which got us invited to next week's event which was the Cannabis Art Fest. We also launched out Aguas Frescas this weekend with 2 flavors, strawberry watermelon and Cucumber lime. This was an evening event and earlier that day we were also at the Free-to-roam Ebiking grand opening event which was also during the Albuquerque Pride Parade on Central Ave on August 21.

All while also making a ton of cakes! Follow our social media to see our latest creations!


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