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Cake Flavors

It is not only our pleasure to fulfill our customer's visual needs, but we also take satisfaction in delivering a tasty mouthwatering product. We truly believe in quality over quantity. We handcraft everything with the best love and expertise as possible.

All our ROUND and SQUARE cakes are made with 3 layers of cake

and 2 layers of filling. 


All our cakes are iced in our signature swiss buttercream in order to maintain the integrity of the design.

As specialty bakes our options are almost unlimited as there are many combinations for cakes, fillings, and icings.


Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond, Marble (Van & Choc swirl), & Red Velvet


(extra charge depends on selection)

Strawberry, orange, lemon zest, key lime, pineapple, banana, pink champagne, mocha, peanut butter, tres leches, tiramisu, fruity pebbles, chantilly, etc...

All Flavors are from Natural Sources

For Fillings, we offer:

(extra charge depends on selection, and for multiple selections)

(Limited stock on special flavors, some flavors may require more notice)


(Bavarian whipped with fresh cream)

Flavors: french vanilla, chocolate, keylime, etc..



(Premium glaze type filling with fruit bits)

Flavors: strawberry, raspberry, lemon curd, blueberry, apricot, etc..)


(Creamy and thickened whipped cream)

Flavors: decadent chocolate, white chocolate, no bake cheesecake,  whipped ganache, peanut butter, passion fruit*, key lime*



(see below for description)

Swiss meringue buttercream (standard vanilla, or flavored)

Fresh whipped cream

chantilly cream

cream cheese

Coconut Pecan (aka german chocolate frosting)


Seasonal, price my vary


Fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

Banana slices ,Mango slices, peach slices etc..


and much MORE!

Our Signature Swiss meringue buttercream is what we use to cover the base of all our cakes. If no filling is selected we use our buttercream as default.


Signature Swiss Meringue Buttercream

A buttery and Silky smooth icing with the perfect amount of sweetness. Made with cooked egg whites, sugar, butter, and REAL vanilla

contains NO shortening

Also available in Chocolate

(premium flavors subject to availability)

Cream Cheese

A smooth and Creamy icing with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Made with real cream cheese, butter, sugar, real vanilla, and a hint of orange.

Chantilly Cream

A light and fluffy sweeter type of whipped cream. Made with fresh whipped cream and thickened with mascarpone and a hint of almond.

Whipped Cream

A simple and less sweet and airy type of icing. Made with fresh cream, sugar, and real vanilla

Coconut Pecan Filling

 (Aka German Choc Frosting)

A delicious creamy custard that has a buttery and caramel flavor with an amazing chewy texture from the toasted pecans and toasted coconut.

We do not like to ice our cakes in whipped cream because we use real cream and it is less stable and melts quick in the New Mexico heat, but we do offer it as a filling.

(If other bakeries can make this then its probably fake whipped cream filled with stabilizers and preservatives. Ours is just 3 simple ingredients for a more natural taste.)

Depending on the design we also offer chantilly icing or creamcheese icing.

If your cake requires fondant for the design, we first ice our cakes in our signature swiss meringue buttercream and then cover it with our home made marshmallow fontant, yum!

Although we are not a Gluten-Free facility, we do offer Gluten-friendly cakes, and we have SOME vegan options as well.

For more options, contact us to get a quote

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