Pricing and Cake Flavors

It is not only our pleasure to fulfill our customer's visual needs, but we also take satisfaction in delivering a tasty mouthwatering product. We truly believe in quality over quantity. We handcraft everything with the best love and expertise as possible.


We price all our cakes based on the number of servings and difficulty of design. Custom Cakes require custom prices, so each cake is priced depending on one's specific needs.

The starting price for basic cakes is $3.00 per serving and can go up to $15 a serving for 3D cakes. All Servings are based on 1.5"x 2" servings. Our minimum price for custom cakes starts at $150.

For Example, our 8 Inch cake serves 24, so the price starts at $72 for most basic decorations.


All our cakes are iced in our signature swiss buttercream in order to maintain the integrity of the design.

We can make a gigantic list of custom cake flavors, but our most basic cake flavors are:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond, Marble, & Red Velvet

For Fillings, we offer:

Bavarian Creme ( in french, chocolate, keylime), various fruit fillings ( strawberry, raspberry, lemon, etc..), Various mousse ( chocolate, white chocolate, cheesecake), ganache, fresh fruit, and much MORE!

For more options, contact us to get a quote!

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